About Battershell.net


This site is setup and run by Alan Battershell for the benefit of the Battershell Family. As such, I will offer any Battershell an email address with the domain of 'battershell.net' provided that the email is not used for illegal, annoying, or immoral activities. We will not monitor the activities of our associates, but reserve the right to terminate association with any parties, without notice, who have violated any of these rules using the association with this site.

Illegal would be anything against United States federal law or any of the 50 states that comprise of the United States of America.

Annoying activities would be unsolicited bulk email (our servers won't send them), chain letters, harassing or vulgar language issued with this email being a party.

Immoral will constitute any activities not suitable for all ages. We will keep a family friendly site and all items associated with the site must be family friendly.


Site Promotion: Do you run or own your own business?  Are you a Battershell that would like your website listed/linked from this site?

Contact: Battershell Site Link with your URL for verification and get a link. 

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